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manandpuppyHere at our clinic we often get to meet new family members such as adorable little puppies. One of the things we encourage all of our clients with new puppies (or even new older dogs) to do is to make training a priority.

Whether you purchase a book and choose the do it yourself method or join a training class, taking the time to properly train your dog will make the rest of your years together exceptional.

One of the key aspects of early puppy training is socialization. By attending a puppy class you will provide your puppy an opportunity to learn interaction skills with other puppies, people and a new environment. Proper socialization has been found to be critical to the psychological health of adult dogs.

Training classes also provide dog owners the knowledge and skills to deal with common, normal dog behaviors. For example, how to deal with potty training, chewing and separation anxiety.

Your training classes should also help your dog develop basic good manners such as polite greeting of guests, walking nicely on a leash and coming when called.

A well trained puppy becomes a well trained dog. A well trained dog is usually welcome about anywhere you want to take them.

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