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Monday - Friday 7:30AM - 6:00PM

Saturday 8:00AM - 4:00 PM


Check Your Chip Month!


Neighborhood Pet Clinic will scan your pet at No Charge to you, to make sure that your pet’s microchip is still working. We will be offering a Discount if your pet needs a microchip for the month of October.


$25.00 Chip

when purchased with exam.

February is Dental Health Month – Save $35.00!

dentalcareThe health of your Cat or Dog’s mouth affects their entire system. A healthy mouth increases your pet’s longevity as well as the quality of their life. LEARN MORE

Pets need regular dental cleanings as much as humans do, if not more so.

We want your pet to live a long, healthy life, and we understand that maintaining a healthy mouth is part of that. Your pet’s health is important to us, so let us help you with this commitment. Call today to discuss your pet’s dental care needs and how we can help!

Discounts are only applied to a complete Pet Dental provided during the month of February 2015.

Schedule yours today: (360) 546-5534

Home Sweet “New” Home

NewclincbuildingNeighborhood Pet Clinic has been at our new location in Felida for almost 5 months. It is feeling like home now and we are very excited to be here. Even though our location is different, you will still experience the highest quality care along with seeing familiar faces when you visit. We are excited to announce the addition of a third veterinarian to our team, Dr. Mija Shattuck. She joins Dr. Jackie Rinta and Dr. Christine Johnson. Our three veterinarians work together to provide the best care for your furry family. We are also privileged to have Jennifer, one of Felida Pet Hospital’s finest employees, join our team. Jennifer has been instrumental in our transition. Our staff has grown in other areas as well, being that it is the first time in almost 15 years that we have offered Saturday hours and boarding. We are pleased to provide these services for our patients. Even though change can bring challenges, we trust that you will have an enjoyable experience when you and your furry family visit us at Neighborhood Pet Clinic. Hope to see you soon!


February is
dentalhealthmonthcharlierescuedogDENTAL HEALTH MONTH

Schedule a professional dental procedure in the month of February and receive a special discount! Call clinic for details.

NPC Veterinarians Participate in Important Study – You Can Too!

goldenretrieverThe Morris Animal Foundation is looking for 3,000 golden retrievers younger than 2 to participate in a study on how to prevent major diseases in dogs.

The study, the largest and longest observational effort of its kind, will last 10 to 14 years and will benefit all dogs, not just golden retrievers. It is focused on identifying risk factors for development of cancer and other diseases.

The Neighborhood Pet Clinic, 10015 N.E. Hazel Dell Ave., is part of the national project. To participate or get more information, call 360-546-5534 or visit

Dental Health Month

February has become well known in the veterinary world as “DENTAL HEALTH MONTH“, but the veterinarians at Neighborhood Pet Clinic would like to think that EVERY month is about dental health!  A question we are frequently asked at our clinic is, “When is a professional dental cleaning needed for my pet?”   There are 4 stages of dental disease.  Typically, your veterinarian will stage your pet’s dental disease during a physical examination.  Most patients need a professional cleaning when tarter is visible on the teeth, which would be stage 2, but before it has caused swollen gums or gum recession, which would be stage 3 or 4.  The key is to perform the professional dental cleaning before the disease has advanced and may not be reversible.  If you have any concerns about the health of your pet’s teeth, feel free to call our clinic during DENTAL HEALTH MONTH to get your questions answered. 


Welcome To Our Website Relaunch!

We hope you will help us make it better by letting us know the features you most wish to see.

Please use the comment form on this post to tell us how we can better serve you with our website as well as what kinds of specials and events would you like to see us offer or participate in.

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